Kelsey is a 8 year old actress that lives in the homework help Dallas area. She is a bubbly sweet person that loves to talk and meet other people. Kelsey has been training for 4 years and is currently studying with Cathryn Sullivan,  Nancy Chartier, Mary Jo Mazur and attends various workshops. She loves to go to auditions and loves filming. Kelsey has been in a national Chuck E Cheese commercial as a principal, on the Micheal’s website, in local indie films such as Dig that was in Sundance/DIFF/SXSW film festivals, and has done other commercial/PSA projects.  At home Kelsey can be found with Dad, Mom, big sister Megan, her 11 chickens, her frog, a fish tank.MV5BMjE4NTU5MzU4NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNDYyMzI3MDE@._V1__SX1243_SY1150_

Kelsey is a young actress that has a great memory, takes direction, gets excited for upcoming auditions or filming, and loves to make new friends along the way! She became SAG-AFTRA Eligible at 6 yrs old and has been in best juicer on market commercials, films, print, and theater performances.

Personal Interests Sports: Horseback riding, swimming, roller skating
Spending time with her family and loves animals ♥